Plant Protection and Quarantine Unit

The Plant Protection and Quarantine Service (PPQ) of the Division of Agriculture is the lead institution concerned with the protection of agricultural resources of Dominica from dangerous plant (and animal) pests and diseases.  The responsibility for monitoring of Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Measures which sets out the basic rules for food safety and animal and plant health standards also resides with the Plant Protection and Quarantine Unit which collaborates with other related entities in execution of its activities.

The Plant Protection and Quarantine Act (PDF 821 KB) 1986 provides the legislative authority for PPQ to execute its mandate.

The mission of the PPQ is to protect agricultural resources of Dominica by:

  • Safeguarding agricultural resources from invasive exotic pests and diseases.
  • Monitoring and managing agricultural pests and diseases existing in Dominica.
  • Resolving and managing trade related Sanitary and Phytosanitary issues.

The goals and objectives of the PPQ are as follows:

  • Safeguard animal and plant resources against the introduction of invasive pests and diseases while satisfying international sanitary and phytosanitary trade obligations.
  • Minimise agricultural production losses and export market disruption by quickly detecting and responding to new invasive agricultural pests and diseases or other emerging agricultural health situations.
  • Minimise risks to agricultural production, natural resources, and human health and safety by effectively managing existing agricultural pests and diseases and damage to wildlife in Dominica.
  • To improve and implement programmes to put integrated pest-management practices within the reach of farmers through farmer organizations and extension services.

The Unit consists of two smaller units:

  1. Ports (Quarantine Officers)
  2. Laboratory

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